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For the complete range of Electrical Cables we serve as one-stop destination in the market. We have established ourselves a reliable entity in Wholesale XLPE Insulated Power Electrical Cabless market. The electric wires and Electrical Cabless we supply are ISI marked assuring that they are safe to be used in all conditions. They are durable and resistant to harsh weather as well as abrasion. In addition to this, we are one of the major PVC Insulated Electric Wires Suppliers in India & Abroad.



  • LT PVC Power Cables
  • HT PVC Power Cables
  • PVC Control Cables
  • PVC Mining Cables
  • House Wiring Cables
  • Energy Cables
  • Flexible Cords
  • Telephone Cables
  • Instrumentation Cables
  • Co Axial Cables
  • Rubber Cables
  • Elastomer Flexible Cables
  • Auto Cables
  • Aerial Bunched Cables
  • Air Field Cables
  • Rubber Mining Cables
  • Diesel Locomotive Cables
  • Ship Wiring Cables
  • Ignition Cables
  • Aircraft Cables
  • LT XLPE Power Cables
  • HT XLPE Power Cables
  • XLPE Control Cables
  • Flexible Cables
  • Lighting Cables
  • Weather Proof Cables
  • Submersible Flat cables
  • Jelly Filled Tele Cables
  • Special Cables
  • Colliery Cables
  • Elastomer Flexible Cables
  • Welding Cables
  • Lift Cables
  • Miner’s Cap Lamps Cables
  • Signaling Cables
  • Elect Locomotive Cables
  • Rail Coach & Jumper Cables
  • Shuttle Car Cables
  • Battery Cables